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Glioblastoma Treatments: Treatments Languages Supported


A wide variety of supplements and herbs have been studied for their effects against cancer. Many have specific scientific evidence supporting their use against glioblastomas. Most long-term glioblastoma survivors have created a supplement protocol based on supplements which either directly fight cancer or support health.

Often, a supplement protocol is not well-integrated into a patient's medical treatment because the doctor is not knowledgeable about the use of non-pharmaceutical substances. For this reason, many patients seek the advice of naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, or doctors who specialize in integrative medicine. provides a wide variety of information regarding supplements and herbs, however you may wish to consult with someone who is an expert with these substances and can individually tailor a supplement protocol for you.

We recommend consulting Jeanne Wallace, a very experienced nutritionist who specializes in supplements and nutrition for brain tumor patients.

To learn more about supplements for glioblastoma, please choose one of the following tables. You will find extensive information about each supplement within these tables.