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An overwhelming amount of resources exist on the web for glioblastoma patients and their caregivers. Rather than create an exhaustive list here, our goal is to publicize what we feel are the most valuable resources, including several links which themselves contain exhaustive resource lists.

Lists of clinical trials at top brain tumor centers:

Popular online discussion forums

The Musella Foundation's
One of the oldest and best resources in general for brain tumor patients. Familiarize yourself with everything the site has to offer.

Dealing With An Aggressive Brain Tumor
An excellent, uptodate overview of treatment resources from the brain-research group moderator Irfan Alvi

American Brain Tumor Association Information Request page
A good place to request a wide variety of free literature about everything from standard treatment options to financial help

American Association for Cancer Research
An excellent list of links to cancer centers, glossaries, fact sheets, etc.

The National Brain Tumor Foundation
Patient Information Line: 1-800-934-2873
A good phone number to call as you try to get up to speed on treating a glioblastoma. Open Monday - Friday, from 9am - 5pm Pacific Time

The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University
A reliable source of extensive research on vitamin and mineral supplements

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Herb Database
An extensive but somewhat dated and ultra-conservative database of botanical extracts with purported anti-cancer or palliative benefits.

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