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Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is an extremely aggressive type of brain tumor but it does not have to be a death sentence. There are many steps you can take which have been shown clinically to increase your odds of survival and improve your quality of life. Because there is no "cure" for glioblastoma as yet, treatment strategies vary considerably, especially after the initial treatment. At best, glioblastoma is a chronic, manageable disease; even long-term survivors usually have recurrences. But there are many people who have survived GBM and several of them were involved with the creation of this site.

This site was developed and is updated weekly by a group of brain tumor survivors and caregivers who wanted a forum to publish the fruits of their labor, so that other people might benefit from their research and experience. Much of the information on this site you will never hear from your oncologist and although this is regretable, there are good reasons. Doctors are human, treatments vary from country to country, treatments are constantly changing, and every brain tumor is different. So it is difficult for any single medical professional to be an expert in every facet of brain tumor treatment. Most oncologists must be generalists by design, treating all types of cancer which come into their practices, whether its skin cancer or a brain tumor. Similarly, most neurosurgeons treat all types of brain and spine maladies.

Because of the knowledge gap which frequently occurs between brain tumor patients and the medical staff treating them, some brain tumor patients are not aware of their treatment options. To give one small example from the U.S.: in the experience of many, most community hospital oncology staff are not aware of boswellic acids as an adjuvant treatment for brain swelling. But this does not mean the treatment does not exist. Boswellic acid has had Orphan Drug Status for treatment of peritumoral edema in the European Union since 2005, and virtually no American doctors are aware of this.

If you are a brain tumor patient or a caregiver, it is your responsibility to become the expert in treating the particular type of brain cancer.

The authors of this site are not medical doctors and have no agenda, other than to pool their information and share what they have found. Every attempt has been made to document the research and opinions, and the documentation should expand in the future. Your suggestions, questions and input are encouraged.

One more note. This site is completely volunteer created and maintained, unaffiliated with any organization or company, and completely free of all corporate sponsorship of any kind.

To contact the authors of this site, please use our inquiry form (not quite ready yet!)or email John at:

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